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4-27-2012 3:36:47 PM

The Project Reclaim Youth Leadership Institute operates with the goal of helping our youth develop and demonstrate positive leadership skills in their homes, schools and in the community. Utilizing leadership training, socialization/life skills workshops and accompanying visits to area institutions of higher education, the goal of the program is: to improve the resiliency skills and self-concept of the involved participants, so as to help them create a perspective and obtain the motivation to become ...

4-27-2012 3:33:28 PM

Ron Anderson is the Executive Director of Project Reclaim, which operates a prevention-based afterschool program for teens, Life Skills workshops for elementary and middle school youth, and parent training and parental involvement activities for parents and guardians.

Project Reclaim is a leadership academy that targets middle, junior, and high school youth in the Minden, LA area.

The main goal of Project Reclaim is to help participants become the best leader that he or she can ...